Employer Toolbox – For North East Small Businesses

Your success at work is related to the people around you. 

We help you get better at recruiting, managing, developing, retaining or letting go your staff.  

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Ideal for businesses employing up to 50 people.

Do you manage the "HR stuff" but without knowing your increasing legal responsibilities?

Do you dread the day your best employee goes to work for your top competitor?

Is there at least one pain in the backside employee you wish you didn't have? 

Are Important personal relationships suffering because of your work responsibilities?

Is it hard to recruit and retain good people who are reliable and make life easier?

Or are you generally happy with the team, but know you need to be constantly improving?

Imagine being stuck like this for another 1, 5, 10 or more years...

You deserve better and these things are fixable.

How We Help With These Problems and More

The Employer Toolbox is our HR Support Service specifically for NE based small businesses.  On subscription, it's the most cost effective way for you to get help when you need to:

recruit, manage, develop, retain or let go your staff.  

14 day trial only £1!

Quick and easy access to a first class HR team without paying a £100K+ overhead!

    Jeff Hall - Director

    "This has saved me thousands and made things much easier."

    Why Should You Be Interested?

    The Employer Toolbox provides you access to savvy HR & Training professionals.  We can help get the most return from what is likely to be the highest expense line on your P&L! 

    Areas Covered Include

    • Getting better at recruiting the best people for the business needs (you know how painful and expensive hiring the wrong person is)
    • Improving your management skills so your people perform better (becoming more profitable and getting more done)
    • Developing yourself and your employees to deliver better business performance (increasing profits and taking more tasks off your plate)
    • Being supported in the often "put off" task of letting people go in a timely manner (thereby not raising your stress levels or draining profits unnecessarily)

    Join and You'll Get

    1. The Online Hub Containing


    Support from our experts to solve your employee related challenges.


    Tools that help you become a better employer and manager at work.  

    Short Trainings

    Easy to digest and actionable short trainings.

    Check-lists & Processes

    Download, edit if you need to and away you go.

    Conversational Scripts

    Extra guidance on how more challenging conversations may go.

    Extra Resources

    Can't find something to help your situation? Ask us to create it!

    2. Telephone Support

    There will be times you'll want to talk something through.

    Speak to us privately about the pressing employer issue on your plate.  

    The team will be there as your trusted sounding board, your coach or your consultant.

    All From Your New HR & Personal Development Team





    You can expect results within hours...

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      You come with a question - it will be answered.
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      You want a template, checklist or conversation script - simply download it from our private area.
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      A resource not available to help with your burning issue - we promise to create one for you.

    Your business success and its impact on your life, comes through the people you employ.  

    Simply sign up below and we can start to make life easier.

    You get FULL access to ALL resources with your 14 day trial.  

    This includes personal coaching and consulting on your most pressing issues as an employer.


    Ken Cuthbert  Owner

    We had our contracts reviewed.  One suggestion we implemented saved us over £10K when it came to a downturn in work"

    The Employer Toolbox can be utilised if your team is in the same building or working across various sites or locations. 

    Who Is This For?

    Good Fit To Join Us If...

    • You are involved in a business employing up to 50 people. You may be an owner, a director or an office manager
    • You are keen to improve business results and have an easier life at work
    • You aspire to having employees who are ambassadors for the business and return a profit

    This Won't Be For You If... 

    • You love big textbooks and trainings covering complex business theory
    • You think employees are there to be screwed down and treated badly because you are paying their wage
    • You expect this to be a magic pill to make all your issues as an employer disappear overnight

    Jackie Winship - Office Manager


    When I joined, some people needed replacing.  With Irene's help and guidance I was able to work through replacing people with new team members.  I now have the skills to recruit, manage and develop my team which make my MD's life easier."



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      14 day full access trial only £1 (includes bespoke consultancy)
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      3 user licences (great for owners, directors and office managers to all have private access)
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      easy cancellation (in just 2 clicks of your mouse) 





    A snapshot of what's being discussed in the Toolbox.

    • Create your own simple (and effective) 2 page business plan.
    • £900 for training course, 1 month later employee hands in notice.  Can we get this back?
    • Quick guide to see who can take on more work.
    • How to respond to a salary increase request.
    • Behind the scenes to building a business that sells (audio interview).
    • Handouts that help you build a thriving team at work.

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    How might life look when you have our support?

    be with your family?

    more time for you?

    having more fun?

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Sounds great but I don't have the time!

    I have a very small team, will the Toolbox be right for me?

    Can my Office Manager join instead of me?

    We have business insurance that covers us for tribunal costs, do you?

    I have had staff for years, how can you help me?

    I want to join but don't want everyone in the community to know my business!

    Other questions? 

    email: support@theemployertoolbox.com

     Or telephone:  0191 551 6817

    Pay £1 now, cancel anytime (in 2 clicks!)

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